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            in the amount of $10,000 from his credit union to purchase all of                         
            this equipment.4                                                                          
                  Petitioner kept his computer in a garage that he had                                
            converted into an office.  Petitioner spent an average of 2 to 3                          
            hours each evening in his garage office.  Generally, petitioner                           
            spent more time in the garage office during the weekends.                                 
            Petitioner spent much of this time setting up the computer,                               
            installing the software, debugging the system, and learning how                           
            to use the computer and software.  In addition, petitioner spent                          
            time learning to use MLS.  Although the computer allegedly was                            
            primarily used for petitioner's real estate activities, he has                            
            recently installed some computer games for his children.                                  
                  Petitioner kept no records of the amount of time he devoted                         
            to his real estate activity in 1991.  During his first 2 years as                         
            a real estate salesperson, petitioner learned the basics of how                           
            to be a real estate salesperson.  By attending seminars and                               
            training courses or teaching himself, petitioner learned how to                           
            make cold calls, do appraisals, download data, and use MLS.                               
            During 1991, petitioner had no income from his real estate                                
            activity and did not have any clients.  However, respondent did                           

            4           Petitioner's opportunity to supplement the record was                         
            extended to include a copy of the loan agreement.  See supra note                         
            3.  It is unclear whether the software for the MLS service was                            
            purchased prior to petitioner's obtaining his real estate license                         
            and becoming associated with REP.                                                         

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