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          family residence.  The three dependent children and Ms. Petrie              
          continued to reside in the family residence until March 1992.               
          Among their marital assets, petitioner and Ms. Petrie owned                 
          residential rental property in Mesa, Arizona (Arizona rental                
               On April 17, 1991, by Temporary Orders in and for the                  
          District Court, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado (Temporary            
          Orders) petitioner was ordered to make certain payments,                    
          including temporary child support payments and awarded temporary            
          possession of certain personal marital property.  The Temporary             
          Orders considered the earning potential of petitioner and Ms.               
          Petrie and considered petitioner's AT&T retirement income in                
          arriving at its determinations.  The Temporary Orders required              
          petitioner to pay all expenses, including the first and second              
          mortgage payments totaling approximately $340 per month on the              
          Arizona rental property and directed that the rental property               
          income of approximately $600 per month be paid directly to Ms.              
          Petrie.  The Temporary Orders were intentionally "phrase[d] * * *           
          in terms of receipt of the proceeds from the Arizona rental                 
          property rather than a maintenance order".  The Temporary Orders            
          awarded Ms. Petrie temporary custody of the dependent children              
          and required petitioner to pay child support in accordance with             
          the State of Colorado guidelines.                                           
               By Final Orders dated January 3, 1992, in and for the                  
          District Court, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado (Final                

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