Tracy P. Streber, F.K.A. Tracy C. Parker, et al. - Page 25

                                       - 25 -                                         
               have been able to enforce a constructive trust against                 
               my estate, I would think.                                              
               Q  the kids meaning --                                                 
               A  Being the Parker children.                                          
               Q  Yes.                                                                
               A  And Larry, to the extent he had any interest --                     
               Q  Yes.                                                                
               A  -- against my estate, if my estate tried to claim                   
               the entire property through those agreements or                        
               contracts that I acquired from Marty Nathan.                           
                   And so, I felt that I held the bare legal title to                
               this entity, the land and then the ultimate entity, and                
               held it subject to the Parker children's ownership, and                
               Larry Parker's rights.                                                 
                    Larry Parker having $2.5 million, and the children                
               having an interest in this joint venture we were                       
               putting together.                                                      
               Q    The concept, trust, here, had no meaning beyond                   
               A    I didn't think of it as that.  I am holding title                 
               for the kids.  I am just holding title.  And that is my                
          Bradish further testified about the period from January 1980                
          until March 1981, when the Bradish group interest was sold and              
          the $2 million notes were received.  He testified that he acted             
          independently of Parker.  He testified that he was looking out              
          for the best interests of the daughters and himself.  He                    
          testified that, "absolutely", he had the authority to act                   
          independently of Parker.  We found Bradish to be a credible                 
          witness.  We find that he acted independently of Parker.  We                

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