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          Residence and Return Filings                                                
               Petitioners were residents of Wilsonville, Oregon, at the              
          time the petition in this case was filed.  Petitioner Walter J.             
          Van Eck (Walter) did not file income tax returns for the tax                
          (calendar) years 1982 through 1986.  Petitioners timely filed               
          joint income tax returns for the tax (calendar) years 1987 and              
          Individuals and Entities                                                    
               Walter and petitioner Friedgard Van Eck (Friedgard) were               
          married in 1986.  Previously, from 1973 to 1984, Walter was                 
          married to Christine Kosydar (Kosydar).  Walter's marriage to               
          Kosydar ended in divorce.                                                   
               Gertrude (Gertrude) and William (William) Van Eck are                  
          Walter's parents.  Gertrude's maiden name was Gertrude Vermande.            
          At all times here relevant, Gertrude and William maintained a               
          legal residence in East Haven, Connecticut.  Jan Van Eck (Jan) is           
          Walter's brother.  Renate Hodges (Hodges) is Friedgard's mother.            
          V. Keith Martin (Martin) was a personal friend of Walter's during           
          the years at issue.                                                         
          Walter's Education and Employment                                           
               Walter received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Reed College,           
          Portland, Oregon, in 1971.  Walter received a Juris Doctor from             
          Willamette University, College of Law, Salem, Oregon, in 1991.              
          As of the trial of this case, Walter had not been admitted to               
          practice law.  During the years at issue, Walter performed                  

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