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          name ROLICH was derived from the names of the three children:               
          Robert, Lisa, and Christine.  When petitioner needed money for              
          any reason, his father wired the funds to him.  ROLICH was a                
          family corporation, and each of the five family members (i.e.,              
          petitioner's father, mother, and the three children) was an                 
          officer of ROLICH.                                                          
               In 1987, petitioner's father participated in a leveraged buy           
          out of UNAKA Corp. (UNAKA) and obtained petitioner's signature              
          pledging petitioner's assets in this buy out.  Petitioner was               
          unaware at that time that he owned substantial assets.                      
          Petitioner and his sisters were named directors and officers of             
          UNAKA and were given annual salaries of $20,000 each.  After his            
          father's death, in 1990, petitioner learned for the first time              
          that he was an owner of UNAKA and that he was liable for a debt             
          of $40 million for the buy out.  UNAKA owned a number of                    
          subsidiary companies, including Metals Engineering Company                  
          (MECO), a company which manufactured metal folding furniture, and           
          Southern Packaging Company (SO-PAK), a company which produced               
          packaged military food rations.  Any dividends from MECO or SO-             
          PAK would have been paid to UNAKA as sole shareholder.                      
          Petitioner does not know if he was an officer of MECO or of SO-             
          PAK during 1988.  During 1988, petitioner was paid $20,000 in               
          compensation from UNAKA as a director or officer; petitioner did            
          not receive this compensation directly and did not learn of it              

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