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          the years in issue, maintained the books and records for the                
          carpet cleaning business.                                                   
               In 1982, Mr. Dawson purchased some Arabian horses for                  
          training and breeding.  After about 4 years, he sold the horses             
          because it became apparent to him that this endeavor would not be           
               In 1987, Mr. Dawson approached Mil Barton about the prospect           
          of entering into the business of breeding and training paint                
          horses.  Mr. Barton had been actively involved in this business             
          for more than 40 years.  He was a competition judge for the                 
          American Quarter Horse Association for 26 years and for the                 
          American Paint Horse Association for 20 years.  Mr. Dawson, after           
          discussing the paint horse business with Mr. Barton, purchased              
          three paint horses.  One was a stud colt named "Hot Twist".  The            
          other two were brood mares named "Kate Dillon" and "Dynamic King            
          Bar".  After the sale, Mr. Dawson continued to consult with Mr.             
          Barton on how to train and breed the horses.                                
               Mr. Dawson, who was not qualified to train horses, hired Mr.           
          Barton in early 1988 to train Hot Twist.  In 1988, Hot Twist was            
          entered and successful in several horse shows.  From mid-1988               
          through 1989, Mike Van Leuven handled the training                          
          responsibilities.  Mrs. Dawson maintained books and records for             
          the Activity.                                                               

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