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               During the last three months of 1989 petitioner traded in              
          excess of 350 stocks, and had stock sales for his own account               
          grossing over $20 million.  Petitioner felt that if he could                
          somehow stay in business as a "big butter and egg man", he could            
          somehow "float into nirvana", but instead he "floated down the              
          East River", since he lost a substantial part of the $208,802 he            
          had withdrawn from his IRA.  Petitioner intended to treat the IRA           
          withdrawal as a loan that he intended to repay with the money he            
          earned through his stock trading, but because of his continuing             
          losses he was unable to do so.                                              
               Sometime in 1989 petitioner was diagnosed as having a                  
          biochemical depression.  As a result of the acrimonious lawsuit,            
          which at the time seemed to petitioner to have resulted almost              
          from a character failure on his part, petitioner's clinical                 
          depression significantly deepened.  In the opinion of Dr. Steven            
          Gardner, a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and                
          Neurology, depression is recognized to be a devastating                     
          psychiatric disease.  According to Dr. Gardner, the etiology of             
          depression is multifactorial and the evolution of the signs and             
          symptoms, and the degree of dysfunction, are neither abrupt nor             
               The first physician with whom petitioner consulted in 1989             
          placed him on a combined medication consisting of Prozac and                
          Pamelor, which were subsequently found to be counteracting each             

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