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          A.  Petitioner and Mr. French                                               
               Petitioner graduated from high school in 1958 and was                  
          married to George French (Mr. French) in 1959.  Petitioner                  
          received no further formal education.  Shortly after graduating             
          from high school, petitioner was employed as a clerk typist.                
          Petitioner left the labor force in approximately 1960, after                
          deciding to raise a family.  In 1974, petitioner obtained                   
          employment with B.F.W. Scientific (BFW).  While with BFW,                   
          petitioner performed the duties of an accounts receivable clerk.            
          In 1976, petitioner accepted employment with International Office           
          Machines (IOM), where she performed a variety of duties,                    
          including those of an accounts receivable clerk.  Petitioner                
          remained employed by IOM until sometime in 1983.  After leaving             
          IOM, petitioner was not employed again until late 1989, when she            
          accepted a job with Ocean Plaza Mall (OPM).  Throughout the                 
          course of the 2 years that petitioner was employed by OPM, she              
          performed a variety of managerial functions.                                
               In early 1989, petitioner and Mr. French separated.  In July           
          1989, after leaving the marital home located in Annapolis,                  
          Maryland, petitioner moved into the family condominium located in           
          Ocean City, Maryland.  The Ocean City condominium was jointly               
          owned by petitioner and Mr. French and had been purchased                   
          sometime prior to 1987.  In 1990, Mr. French left the marital               
          home in Annapolis, Maryland, and moved to the State of Florida.             
          Petitioner and Mr. French were divorced in 1993.                            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011