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            information on the receipts does not correspond to the                                        
            information in the diary.                                                                     
                  Petitioners were married in 1941.  At the time of trial,                                
            they were still living together, and there is no evidence that                                
            they were at any time separated.                                                              
                  Mrs. Kelly did not complete high school and took no formal                              
            courses in business or finance.  Before her marriage to Mr. Kelly                             
            and the birth of petitioners' son Edward in 1945, she worked as a                             
            telephone operator, dancer, typist, and airline stewardess.                                   
            After 1945, she was a full-time homemaker, responsible for the                                
            upkeep of the family home and for paying bills for household                                  
            expenses.  Edward was born with Down's Syndrome.  As his health                               
            deteriorated during the 15 years before his death in October                                  
            1989, he lived at home under Mrs. Kelly's constant care or in the                             
            hospital, where she attended him.  During this period Mrs. Kelly                              
            was thoroughly preoccupied with Edward's condition and needs for                              
            care and seems to have had no interest in discussing financial or                             
            business matters with Mr. Kelly.                                                              
                  Mrs. Kelly was aware that her husband was employed by                                   
            Shearson Lehman as a stockbroker.  But they did not discuss his                               
            business.  Although Mr. Kelly spent a considerable amount of time                             
            at home doing work related to his options trading and made no                                 
            efforts to conceal his activities from her, she remained entirely                             
            ignorant of these activities and of the losses he incurred.  When                             

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