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          California, at the time they filed their petitions.                         
               Dorothy Cole Leonard (Mrs. Leonard) worked as a legal                  
          secretary for approximately 15 years before attending, and                  
          graduating from, Western State University College of Law.  She was          
          admitted to the California bar in 1974.  In her law practice she            
          specializes in trust and estate matters.  Joseph B. Leonard (Mr.            
          Leonard) also is an attorney.  He was admitted to the California            
          bar in 1972, and has worked in the area of trusts and estates for           
          a corporate trust department.                                               
               Petitioners were married in 1978.  Mr. Leonard has a daughter,         
          Suzette, from a prior marriage.  Suzette married Robert Gindt               
          (Robert) in 1977.  Robert and Suzette filed for a Chapter 7                 
          bankruptcy in 1981.  Robert had been employed in several positions,         
          including working in floral shops operated by his mother and his            
               In late 1981 or early 1982, Robert became a stockbroker and            
          thereafter participated in a variety of investment transactions.            
          From 1981 to 1983, he was involved in a business venture with               
          Katherine Gatto, a friend, to renovate commercial property in               
          Berkeley, California, that was owned by Ms. Gatto and housed the            
          University Flower Shop.                                                     
               Robert and Suzette’s residence was rented from Ms. Gatto.              
          Robert had hoped that he and Suzette could purchase their residence         
          with profits generated from the flower shop venture, but that               
          venture was not financially successful.                                     

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