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            725 in 1992.  Most of petitioner's customers subscribed to either                          
            the daily and weekend subscription plan, or the weekend only                               
            subscription plan.  About 75 of petitioner's customers subscribed                          
            to the combination plan, and about 5 customers subscribed to the                           
            weekday only plan.                                                                         
                  The Star Telegram provided petitioner with a ledger book                             
            that contained 12 receipts (one per month) for each of the                                 
            subscribers on petitioner's route.  On a weekly basis, the Star                            
            Telegram also provided petitioner with a sticker for each                                  
            subscriber that included the subscriber's name, address, and                               
            telephone number, the type of newspaper delivery service, and                              
            information regarding discounts.  Once the subscriber paid him,                            
            petitioner gave the subscriber a receipt from the ledger.                                  
            Petitioner used this ledger book to record the payments made by                            
            his customers and to keep track of a customer's outstanding                                
            liability to him.                                                                          
            From time to time petitioner's customers would move away                                   
            from his delivery route, cancel their subscription for various                             
            reasons, temporarily suspend service for vacations, etc., or fail                          
            to pay for the newspapers delivered to them.  In these and                                 
            similar circumstances, petitioner would turn in a "stop" to the                            
            Star Telegram.  The Star Telegram did not process these "stops"                            
            efficiently, and there was a time lag between the date that                                
            petitioner would turn in a "stop" and the date that the "stop"                             
            would be taken into account in petitioner's daily "draw".  When                            

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