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          and Burgermeister beer brands, as well as all related light                 
          products; (4) 100,000 kegs in addition to the kegs which were               
          included as part of the breweries in Perry and Portland;                    
          (5) $10 million in surplus assets selected by petitioner and                
          Heileman; (6) petitioner's office building and related parking              
          areas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; (7) nonbrewery assets which                  
          included certain surplus bottles and real estate situated in                
          Milwaukee; (8) net working capital aggregating at least $30                 
          million; (9) Olympia's brewery in San Antonio, Texas; (10) the              
          Lone Star and Buckhorn (Texas) beer brands and related light                
          products; (11) real estate in the State of Washington; and                  
          (12) any other assets listed in the Allocation Agreement.                   
               In addition to its surrender of the shares which were                  
          canceled, Heileman assumed a $3.48 million liability for certain            
          industrial development revenue bonds (IDB's) as consideration for           
          the distribution of the assets.  The IDB's represented financing            
          for the Olympia Lone Star brewery in San Antonio, which was                 
          transferred to Heileman as part of the Transferred Assets.                  
          Petitioner also paid Heileman $4.25 million in cash on March 18,            
          1983, in redemption of 400,005 shares of stock in petitioner                
          (approximately 5 percent of petitioner's outstanding shares)                
          acquired by Heileman prior to the tender offer, and petitioner              
          added these shares to its treasury stock.  Heileman had                     
          previously paid $7,607,325 to acquire these shares.  In addition,           
          petitioner and Heileman entered into a 5-year manufacturing                 

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