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          petitioner owned this building.  Petitioner described the                   
          building as rundown, but occupied by a few persons.  When he                
          bought the building, the previous owner and tenants had been at             
          loggerheads with regard to services in the building.  Water was             
          leaking from one bedroom to the other, and the floors of the                
          bathrooms and kitchens were bad.  Petitioner claimed he worked on           
          the property to make it habitable.  As indicated below,                     
          petitioner did not rent the apartments.  Some of the tenants from           
          the prior ownership continued to occupy the building but did not            
          pay rent to petitioner.  We conclude that the apartment building            
          was not habitable, except perhaps for a few squatters.                      
               In 1991, petitioner never collected rent from the squatters            
          because, he claimed, he would get involved with the "landlord and           
          tenants court".  Petitioner never rented any apartments to any              
          legitimate tenants in 1991 because, he said, of the same fears.             
          Petitioner explained these fears as follows:  "I would be sued by           
          the tenants because I couldn't stop the water that was escaping             
          and going down on the other [apartments]".  When neighbors                  
          inquired as prospective tenants about an apartment, petitioner              
          said:  "I've already got enough trouble with the [squatters who]            
          threaten to sue me and the position is that the water repairs are           
          being done, it will make it difficult for you, if you want to               
          rent it in that way give me in writing that you will not sue me             
          I'll be happy to rent to you."  No one was willing to do so.                
          Petitioner never collected any rent with respect to the apartment           

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