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          highest from 7-1/2 to 22-1/2 years.  Petitioner is now                      
          incarcerated in Sing Sing Correctional Facility, Ossining, New              
          York, in connection with the above conviction for embezzlement.             
               On January 10, 1992, in a supplemental judgment and order of           
          restitution entered by the Supreme Court of the State of New                
          York, New York County, petitioner was ordered to make restitution           
          to Votano, the Marion Family Trusts, Saferstein, and Ripps                  
          relating to the embezzlement for which he was convicted in the              
          total cumulative amount of $7,028,000, as follows:                          
                  Restitution Order In Favor Of     Amount                           
                   Gabrielle Votano                  $  741,000                       
                   The Marion Family Trusts          4,087,000                        
                   Ira Saferstein                    1,000,000*                       
                  Judith Ripps                      1,200,000                        
                                           Total     $7,028,000                       
               *  Neither party offers any explanation of why the order of            
               restitution provided $1 million with respect to Saferstein             
               in spite of the fact that petitioner embezzled $975,000                
               from Saferstein.                                                       
               Petitioner has not made any of the restitution payments                
          required under the above judgment.                                          
               On April 28, 1994, petitioner’s conviction was affirmed by             
          the New York State Appellate Court.                                         
               The funds that petitioner received from his check-kiting               
          scheme on the accounts at Chemical Bank and Citibank, by forging            
          Goldman's signature on New Gold's checks, and as loan proceeds              
          from William Marion, were not the subject of charges brought                
          against petitioner in the above criminal proceedings.                       

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