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          attorney, petitioner's attorney indicated that petitioner would             
          settle the matter for "Land $9.00 per square foot.  Prejudgment             
          interest at 10% per annum.  Landscaping $14,275 (see attached)              
          waived if settled."                                                         
               The parties reached an agreement on September 20, 1989,                
          whereby petitioners would receive $104,000 for the DeSellum                 
          property acquired by the State.  In a letter to the circuit                 
          court, dated September 20, 1989, petitioner's attorney indicated            
          that, because of tax considerations, it was important that                  
          prejudgment interest be included in the court's judgment.  On               
          October 19, 1989, a consent inquisition was signed and sealed by            
          the circuit court, noting that upon the consent of the parties it           
          was necessary for the State to acquire the property described in            
          the amended petition and that the damages sustained by petitioner           
          were in the sum of $104,000.  In a stipulation and waiver entered           
          into by the State and petitioner, the parties agreed that the               
          $104,000 settlement set forth in the consent inquisition included           
          all prejudgment interest.  In addition, the State and petitioner            
          agreed that effective September 20, 1989, petitioner would be               
          entitled to postjudgment interest of 10 percent per annum on the            
          sum of $61,604 until said sum is paid, with the $61,604                     
          representing the unpaid difference between the $104,000 and the             
          $42,396 previously deposited by the State with the circuit court.           
               The AAG explained the settlement with petitioner in a letter           
          dated October 27, 1989, to Edward S. Harris, Esq., Maryland                 

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