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          RSC's offer for the residences or to participate in the home                
          disposal program.  If a relocating employee decides to                      
          participate, petitioner becomes obligated to assist in the                  
          disposition of the employee's home.                                         
               Pursuant to the contract between petitioner and the RSC, the           
          RSC offers to purchase relocating employees' residences at fair             
          market value.  Fair market value is determined by averaging two             
          qualified, independent appraisals.  The employees choose                    
          independent appraisers from a list provided by the RSC.  If more            
          than two appraisals are obtained, fair market value is the                  
          average of the two closest appraisals.  The RSC sends copies of             
          all appraisals to petitioner and informs it of the appraised                
          value.  The RSC's offer expires after a set period, which is                
          generally 60 days.                                                          
               Relocating employees may market their residences during this           
          offer period.  Employees who market their homes must insert                 
          language in the listing agreement that permits them to accept the           
          RSC's offer without paying a commission to the listing broker.              
          If an employee receives a bona fide third-party offer that                  
          exceeds the RSC's offer during the offer period, the employee may           
          accept the third-party offer and assign the third-party contract            
          to the RSC (assigned sale).  The employee assigns the third-party           
          contract by sending the following to the RSC:  (1) An executed              
          third-party offer, signed by the employee as seller and the third           
          party as buyer; (2) a contract of sale with the RSC as buyer and            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011