Laura E. Austin - Page 27

               2.   1996                                                              
               Petitioner's attorney billed her for 69.8 hours for 1996.              
          Except for the following hours, we find this amount to be                   
          reasonable.  Britt charged petitioner for 0.4 hours on January              
          16, 1996, for filing a motion to withdraw.  Britt did not                   
          actually withdraw, and he appeared at trial to represent                    
          petitioner.  He also billed her for 0.9 and 0.8 hours, on June 21           
          and July 5, 1996, respectively, for hours relating to his own               
          motion for fees.  On September 16, 1996, Britt attempted to file            
          a lien in the amount of $10,839 for services rendered to                    
          petitioner upon any award of attorney's fees or cost of                     
          litigation in her case.  We ordered the lien returned to Britt,             
          since this Court does not collect any money or disburse it to               
          parties.  When the case was settled, Britt was no longer the                
          attorney for petitioner, and petitioner filed the motion for                
          reasonable litigation and administrative costs pro se.  Thus, we            
          find that the costs for his motion to withdraw and his motion for           
          fees are not reasonable litigation costs.                                   
               B.   Miscellaneous Litigation Costs                                    
               The itemized billing shows $42 for parking and mileage, $37            
          for copying costs, $30 for messenger services, $31 for visual               
          displays, and $471 for transcripts.  We find these amounts to be            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011