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          transports various refined fuel products, including gasoline,               
          distillates, turbine fuels, and fuel oil.                                   
               Prior to installation, the 1968 pipe was coated externally             
          with a coating having an approximate thickness of five thirty-              
          seconds inch.  The 1968 pipe also was protected cathodically,               
          which is a process by which an electric current is applied to               
          buried steel pipe to protect bare metal from corrosion in the               
          event the pipe's coating is flawed, damaged, or otherwise becomes           
               In 1991, in order to perform the Route 83 relocation,                  
          petitioner acquired new 16-inch steel pipe (the 1991 pipe).                 
          Prior to installation, the 1991 pipe was coated externally with a           
          coating having a minimum thickness of 12 mils (twelve one-                  
          thousands inch).  After installation, the 1991 pipe was protected           
          cathodically using existing cathodic protection at the site.                
               After product flow was diverted into and through the 1991              
          pipe section, the less than 1,000-feet of the 1968 pipe at the              
          relocation site was removed (the removed pipe) and visually                 
          inspected for signs of corrosion and physical damage, as required           
          by Federal Department of Transportation Regulations.  Based on              
          the results of the inspection, petitioner determined that the               
          removed pipe, with the exception of a small portion damaged                 
          during the removal process, could be saved for re-use elsewhere             
          in the 16-inch pipeline section should the need arise.  The                 

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