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          distress manifested itself in the appearance of precancerous                
          tumors which are being monitored by her doctor.                             
               On November 26, 1990, petitioner filed a wrongful                      
          termination action against NLCA alleging the following:                     
               5.   As a result of [the] fact that [petitioner] was                   
               about to testify against [NLCA] and as a result of                     
               [petitioner's] refusal to continue to engage in                        
               illegal, unethical and/or improper business practices                  
               [NLCA] terminated [petitioner] on March 30, 1990 in                    
               contravention of the public policy of the State of                     
               Oklahoma and the United States.                                        
               6.   [Petitioner] further alleges that [NLCA]'s actions                
               were intentional, wilful and malicious.  [Petitioner]                  
               is entitled to punitive damages.                                       
               7.   [Petitioner] alleges that as a direct result of                   
               her termination she has sustained damages for past and                 
               future lost wages as well as mental distress.                          
               The petition in the wrongful termination action did not                
          allocate any specific dollar amounts to the alleged damages but             
          rather generally prayed for a judgment "in excess of $10,000.00,            
          together with interest, costs and such other relief as the Court            
          deems just and proper."                                                     
               Petitioner's claim was settled on February 3, 1992, pursuant           
          to a General Release and Settlement Agreement signed by                     
          petitioner and her attorney in that dispute.  Pursuant to this              
          agreement, NLCA paid petitioner $27,000 by check in exchange for            
          her release of all claims.  NLCA did not withhold any taxes from            
          this amount.  Petitioner received a Form 1099-MISC from NLCA                
          showing a prize or award in the amount of $27,000.  On her 1992             
          Federal income tax return, petitioner excluded this amount from             

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