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          Petitioner's principal place of business was in Denver, Colorado,           
          when it petitioned the Court.                                               
               Petitioner's wholly owned subsidiary owns and operates the             
          subject assets.  These assets, which are depreciated under MACRS,           
          consist of various systems of interconnected subterranean natural           
          gas gathering pipelines and related compression facilities (the             
          gathering systems).  The main gathering systems are known as:               
          (1) The Weld County system, which is located north of Denver,               
          Colorado, (2) the Milfay/Keystone system, which is located in               
          eastern Oklahoma, and (3) the Minden system, which is located in            
          northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas.                                   
               The gathering systems' pipelines are laid out like a "spider           
          web", with small diameter pipelines connecting a well to larger             
          diameter pipelines that mainly deliver "raw" gas to a processing            
          plant in or near the oil and gas fields served by the pipelines.            
          Petitioner does not own an interest in the oil and gas wells that           
          produce the gas collected by the gathering systems.                         
               A gathering system may be owned or operated by a producer or           
          by an independent gatherer like petitioner.  In either case, the            
          system serves the same function.  Some of petitioner's systems              
          were once owned by producers, and those systems continue to serve           
          the same wells that they served before petitioner acquired them.            
          Those systems continue to perform the same functions as they did            
          before acquisition.                                                         

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Last modified: May 25, 2011