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          ledger.  The nursery sales invoices were marked with a second "P"           
          ("PP") when the amount due was paid by the customer.  Those sales           
          invoices that were marked with a "PP", but were not dated, were             
          those sales that were generally paid by the customer on the date            
          of the invoice.  The walk-in invoices and the chain store                   
          invoices were kept in different file drawers.  The receptionist             
          would post the walk-in invoices to the walk-in ledger.  The walk-           
          in ledger was kept in the receptionist's desk, along with any               
          checks or cash collected.  Those two or three employees who                 
          usually worked with the computer posted the chain store invoices            
          to the chain store ledger.  The chain store ledger was kept in              
          the computer room or in one of the offices.                                 
               Generally, each day, one of the nursery's employees, usually           
          the receptionist, would go to the bank.  Certain of the checks              
          taken to the bank were cashed.  Mrs. Gandy generally determined             
          which checks would be cashed and which would be deposited.  The             
          checks that were cashed generally came from B&B customers or from           
          those customers who made infrequent purchases, i.e., those listed           
          in the walk-in ledger, not from the chain store customers.  The             
          receptionist was instructed by Mrs. Gandy to limit the checks               
          cashed to an amount less than $10,000.  The purpose of the                  
          instructions was to avoid reports of currency transactions to the           
          Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  No deposits of currency were               
          made into the nursery bank account during the years in issue.               

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