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          commissioned cantor.  Petitioner testified, however, that he was            
          recognized as a Fellow in Synagogue Administration.  An                     
          organization called Synagogue Administrators Association                    
          presented petitioner this honor sometime around 1987 for his                
          efforts while with the temple.                                              
               Petitioner's responsibilities with the temple varied over              
          time.  He initially was hired as an executive director,                     
          performing mostly administrative functions such as hiring and               
          recruitment tasks.  Petitioner testified, however, that he                  
          eventually performed more religious duties for the temple as a              
          "religious functionary".  The temple had a rabbi and a cantor               
          working for it, both of whom performed the temple's religious               
          functions.  Petitioner stated that he never fulfilled the role of           
               Over the course of his 30 years with the temple, petitioner            
          assisted about 500 students with their Bar and Bat Mitzvah                  
          preparation.  The substantive training was conducted by the                 
          cantor and rabbi.  The cantor would teach the students how to               
          chant their Torah portions, and the rabbi would rehearse with               
          them on the pulpit.  Petitioner, however, would then "step-in" a            
          week or two before the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony and assume               
          responsibility for enhancing the student's performance.  This               
          included such duties as helping students with memorization of               
          blessings, Torah readings, and elocution.                                   

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