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            The only withdrawal of funds that can be connected to Mr. Judy is                         
            in the amount of $24,806.83.                                                              
                  Petitioner attempts to avoid the consequences of failing to                         
            corroborate his testimony.  He argues that at trial he was                                
            prepared properly to introduce in evidence bank documents                                 
            establishing Mr. Judy’s cash withdrawals, “but was not advised to                         
            by the Court or the Respondent at that time”.  “The Court was                             
            aware of these records in my possession during the November 6,                            
            1995 Hearing, but were never asked for.”  What actually occurred                          
            at trial was that when petitioner adverted to certain bank                                
            records in his possession we asked him whether he had shown them                          
            to respondent.  He replied that he had not.  We instructed him to                         
            show his documents to respondent so that they could be included                           
            in a supplemental stipulation; under these conditions, we said,                           
            we would consider accepting them as evidence.  Petitioner then                            
            qualified his offer, stating that he was unable to obtain most of                         
            the records because the banks “weren’t required to keep records                           
            that far back”.  Petitioner did not follow the Court’s                                    
            suggestion.  Nor was petitioner unaware of the regular procedures                         
            for the introduction of documentary evidence.  He received                                
            service of the Court’s Standing Pretrial Order; he participated                           
            in the preparation of a stipulation relating to joint exhibits;                           
            he had already successfully introduced two exhibits into evidence                         
            before the colloquy described above took place.                                           

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