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                                                - 9 -                                                 
            months of 1981.  Samuel L. Winer (Winer) is the general partner                           
            of both Clearwater and Poly Reclamation.                                                  
                  With respect to each of the Partnerships, a private                                 
            placement memorandum was distributed to potential limited                                 
            partners.  Reports by F & G Corp.'s evaluators, Dr. Stanley M.                            
            Ulanoff (Ulanoff), a marketing consultant, and Dr. Samuel Z.                              
            Burstein (Burstein), a mathematics professor, were appended to                            
            the offering memoranda.  Ulanoff owns a 1.27-percent interest in                          
            Plymouth Equipment Associates and a 4.37-percent interest in                              
            Taylor Recycling Associates, partnerships that leased Sentinel                            
            recyclers.  Burstein owns a 2.605-percent interest in Empire                              
            Associates and a 5.82-percent interest in Jefferson Recycling                             
            Associates, also partnerships that leased Sentinel recyclers.                             
            Burstein also was a client and business associate of Elliot I.                            
            Miller (Miller), the corporate counsel to PI.                                             
                  The offering memoranda for Clearwater and Poly Reclamation                          
            each state that the general partner will receive fees from those                          
            partnerships in the amount of $60,000.  In addition, each of the                          
            offering memoranda provides that the general partner "may retain                          
            as additional compensation all amounts not paid as sales                                  
            commissions or offeree representative fees".  According to the                            
            offering memoranda, 10 percent of the proceeds from the offering                          
            ($80,000 in each case) was allocated to the payment of sales                              
            commissions and offeree representative fees.  Winer therefore was                         

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