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                  4.  Lionel and Betty Zimmer                                                         
                  Petitioners Lionel and Betty Zimmer resided in New York, New                        
            York, when their petitions were filed.  Lionel Zimmer (Zimmer)                            
            earned a B.A. degree in political science from the University of                          
            North Carolina (UNC).  While pursuing his undergraduate degree,                           
            Zimmer joined the Naval ROTC, was commissioned, placed on active                          
            duty, and served overseas.  After completing his military service                         
            Zimmer returned to UNC to finish his degree and then moved to Los                         
            Angeles and worked for 2-1/2 years as a disk jockey at a radio                            
            station.  Then he went to Paris in 1949 to attend a film school.                          
            Upon learning that the film school was not covered by the GI                              
            Bill, Zimmer enrolled in a language school to learn French.                               
            After several months he transferred to the Sorbonne and began a                           
            course in French civilization.                                                            
                  Zimmer also pursued work as an actor in Paris.  When his                            
            career quickly flourished, he ended his schooling.  Zimmer worked                         
            as master of ceremonies of a radio program that was broadcast                             
            weekly to the United States, worked with Orson Welles for much of                         
            a year, and worked on a few movies.  At the end of 1951 Zimmer                            
            moved back to the United States and became a staff announcer in                           
            Hollywood for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).  Nine                              
            years later he left ABC and began freelancing.  In 1967 he moved                          
            to New York City and performed voice-overs for commercials.  He                           
            became active in the Screen Actors Guild and was elected to its                           
            board of directors.                                                                       

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