Lance R. and Elaine C. LeFleur - Page 8

                                                - 8 -                                                 
            communicated with Bolton in an effort to finalize a written                               
            settlement agreement.  Morris and Alexander considered the                                
            adversarial nature of the relationship between petitioner and the                         
            defendants reduced prior to the execution of this document since                          
            an agreement in principle had already been attained.                                      
                  At this time, petitioner expressed concerns about the tax                           
            implications that any settlement of the case would have on him.                           
            Alan Rothfeder, another of petitioner's attorneys, advised                                
            petitioner with regard to the allocation of the settlement                                
            proceeds, and petitioner and his attorneys discussed the                                  
            settlement allocation issues with defendants.  Blount's sole tax                          
            concern regarding the settlement of the case was that nothing be                          
            done to compromise Blount's ability to deduct any settlement                              
            payment.  In that regard, Morris, Alexander, and Reak received                            
            assurances from Blount's comptroller that the proposed settlement                         
            would be deductible by Blount.  Alexander, Bolton, and Morris all                         
            actively participated in negotiating the final wording of a                               
            formal settlement agreement letter.                                                       
                  Petitioner accepted Blount's settlement offer on December 2,                        
            1991 (the settlement agreement).  The settlement agreement states                         
            in pertinent part as follows:                                                             
                  Dear Lance,                                                                         
                        This letter will document the agreement which we                              
                  have reached, through our attorneys, on November 28,                                
                  1991.  [Emphasis added.]  We agree as follows:                                      

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