Big Hong Ng - Page 4

          in 1957.                                                                    
               Strong Hope was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1981.  It owned           
          a 50-percent undivided interest in a rental property at 850                 
          Stockton Street in San Francisco during part of 1989.  Ms. Ng owned         
          the other half interest.  In its petition, Strong Hope states its           
          principal place of business to be c/o Poon and Company, CPAs, 43-59         
          Queens Road East, Hong Kong. Strong Hope's 1989 tax return was              
          untimely filed.                                                             
               Ms. Ng owned or controlled the following bank accounts during          
          the years under consideration:                                              
               Account Title                 Bank                                     
          United States:                                                              
               Strong Hope                   Union Bank                               
               Strong Hope Limited (Calif.) Bank of America                           
               Permanent Union Limited       Bank of the Orient                       
               Strong Hope Limited           Sumitomo Bank                            
               Ms. Ng                        Bank of America                          
          Hong Kong:                                                                  
               Ms. Ng                        Hang Seng Bank                           
               J.B. Wings                    Wing Lung Bank                           
               Strong Hope                   Wing Lung Bank                           
               Permanent Union Ltd. (HK)     Wing Lung Bank                           
               Don Hong Ng                   Wing Lung Bank                           
               Don Hong Ng                   Wing Lung Bank                           
               Ms. Ng and Sik Yuen Ng        Wing Lung Bank                           
               Ms. Ng owned interests in the following entities during the            
          years under consideration:                                                  
          San Francisco:                                                              
               Golden Dragon Restaurant      50% ownership                            
               Permanent Union Ltd.          100%                                     
               Strong Hope Limited (Calif.) 100%                                      

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Last modified: May 25, 2011