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                    sixty-five (65) years.  Any such member who attains the           
                    age set forth in the preceding sentence as the                    
                    compulsory age of retirement during any twelve (12)               
                    months, prior to the beginning of the twelve (12)                 
                    months, shall be retired on the first day of the twelve           
                    (12) months.                                                      
               (e) A member retired after meeting the requirements of                 
                    paragraphs (c) or (d) next preceding, shall receive a             
                    retirement allowance equal to fifty percent (50%) of              
                    the compensation attached to the average rank held                
                    during the three (3) years immediately preceding such             
                    retirement, plus an additional allowance at the rate of           
                    one and two-thirds percent (1 2/3%) of said                       
                    compensation for each year of service rendered after              
                    July 1, 1951, and after qualifying for service                    
                    retirement, not to exceed ten (10) years.  A member               
                    required to retire under paragraph (d) next preceding             
                    before completing twenty (20) years of service in the             
                    aggregate computed under Section 2609, shall receive a            
                    retirement allowance which bears the same ratio to the            
                    retirement allowance which said member would receive if           
                    he were entitled to be credited with twenty (20) years            
                    of service, as the service with which he is entitled to           
                    be credited, bears to twenty (20) years.                          
               (f) Upon the death of member after qualification for                   
                    service retirement, or after retirement for service or            
                    because of disability, and if death shall result from             
                    other cause than injury received in or illness caused             
                    by the performance of duty, two-thirds (2/3) of the               
                    retirement allowance to which the member would have               
                    been entitled if he had retired for service at the time           
                    of death, or two-thirds (2/3) of the retirement                   
                    allowance as it was at death, as the case may be, shall           
                    be continued, regardless of the age of the surviving              
                    widow, to the dependents of the member in the order of            
                    succession as defined in Section 2612, provided that if           
                    retirement was for injury received in or illness caused           
                    by the performance of duty and if death occurs prior to           
                    the date upon which the member would have qualified for           
                    service retirement, the allowance continued shall be              
                    reduced upon said date in the same manner as it would             
                    have been reduced had the member not died.                        
               (g) After having qualified for service retirement under the            
                    provisions of paragraph (a) of this section, a member             

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