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          parties did not discuss the tax consequences of the settlement.             
          In addition, the agreement did not contain any reference to                 
          prejudgment or postjudgment interest.  On September 18, 1992, the           
          parties filed a stipulation of dismissal with the trial court.              
          The stipulation states:  "The above-entitled action is hereby               
          dismissed, no interest, no costs."  The settlement and                      
          stipulation of dismissal voided any judgment previously entered             
          in the case.   Dr. Glod's medical malpractice insurer issued an             
          $800,000 check to the Rozpads and their attorney.  Their attorney           
          cashed the check; retained $361,112.87 for attorney's fees and              
          costs; and issued a $438,887.13 check to the Rozpads.  Dr. Glod's           
          medical malpractice insurer did not issue a Form 1099, regarding            
          the $800,000 settlement, to either the Rozpads or the Internal              
          Revenue Service.                                                            
               The Rozpads, on their 1992 Federal income tax return,                  
          neither reported any portion of the $800,000 settlement nor                 
          claimed any deductions relating to the medical malpractice                  
          The DiBiasios                                                               
               On July 9, 1982, at St. Joseph Hospital in Providence, Rhode           
          Island, Dr. A. Louis Mariorenzi operated on Mr. DiBiasio's left             
          knee.  During the operation, Dr. Mariorenzi punctured an artery             
          in Mr. DiBiasio's knee.  As a result of complications relating to           
          the punctured artery, Mr. DiBiasio required extensive vascular              

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