Stephen F. Scofield and Nancy E. Scofield - Page 8

          Superior Court of Worcester County, Massachusetts (docket no. 82-           
          22879).  The plaintiffs alleged that petitioner and the others              
          had:  (a) Conspired to terminate the business of Northeast and to           
          appropriate for themselves the business, goodwill, and assets of            
          Northeast; (b) created false invoices; (c) caused Northeast to              
          breach contracts with suppliers and thereby lose future profits;            
          (d) taken equipment and funds of Northeast; and (e) made                    
          misrepresentations to Zayre which caused it to buy and                      
          immediately pay for a million pounds of premium paper.                      
               In the complaint, the plaintiffs alleged that Northeast owed           
          them $2,958,720.24 when it stopped doing business.  They alleged            
          that, at the time the complaint was filed, Northeast owed                   
          $561,530.53 to the bank, $406,812.39 to Zayre, and $946,132.33 to           
          CNI.  The complaint does not explain why those amounts totaled              
          less than the plaintiffs alleged Northeast owed when it stopped             
          doing business.  The plaintiffs alleged that petitioner was                 
          liable for Northeast's debts to the bank because he and McKee had           
          signed guarantees.                                                          
               The bank also sued petitioner, McKee, McKee's wife, and                
          Northeast in the Superior Court of Worcester County,                        
          Massachusetts, for the indebtedness of Northeast on the line of             
          credit (docket No. 82-22880).  We sometimes refer to these cases            
          as the Northeast litigation.                                                
               Petitioner denied the allegations and made counterclaims,              
          cross-claims, and third-party claims.  He contended that the                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011