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          and Jaguar, (2) computer equipment, (3) groceries, (4) rent at              
          Hercules & Lavery, and (5) travel.  Petitioner also transferred             
          some of the funds to his wife and daughter.                                 
               On February 4, 1992, petitioner was charged with the felony            
          offense of misapplication of fiduciary property.  The indictment            
          alleged that petitioner misapplied Ms. Boals' funds for his                 
          personal benefit.  In June 1992, petitioner was convicted,                  
          sentenced to 6 years probation, and assessed a $10,000 fine.  The           
          Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas at Dallas upheld           
          petitioner's conviction on August 2, 1995.  Petitioner                      
          subsequently filed a petition for discretionary review with the             
          Court of Criminal Appeals for the State of Texas.                           
          II.  Petitioner's Other Businesses                                          
               A.  Computers & Stuff, Inc.                                            
               On June 13, 1988, petitioner used, without authorization,              
          some of Ms. Boals' money to incorporate under Texas law Computers           
          & Stuff, Inc. (Computers & Stuff).  Computers & Stuff was created           
          to sell computer hardware and software to the general public.               
          Petitioner purchased a quarter-page advertisement for Computers &           
          Stuff in the 1988-89 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.  On December           
          22, 1989, Computers & Stuff forfeited its right to conduct                  
          business in Texas, because it failed to pay Texas franchise                 
          taxes.  Its corporate charter was subsequently revoked on June              
          18, 1990.                                                                   

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