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          other income or any gifts during the years in issue.  During the             
          interview, Ms. Alexander specifically asked Mr. Welker about the             
          cash payments Mr. Welker received from Brockland Pontiac from                
          1984 through 1987; however, Mr. Welker told Ms. Alexander that he            
          did not want to comment on this matter.                                      
               On March 30, 1989, Ms. Alexander and Mr. Neighbors met with             
          Mr. Welker.  Again, Mr. Welker told Ms. Alexander that he did not            
          want to discuss the cash payments he received from Brockland                 
               It was not until June 9, 1989, that Mr. Welker was willing              
          to discuss the cash payments.  Mr. Welker admitted that he did               
          receive cash payments from Brockland Pontiac.  Mr. Welker,                   
          however, claimed that the cash payments were gifts.                          
               In United States v. Roy G. Welker, Criminal No. 90-30042-WLB            
          (S.D. Ill. Dec. 14, 1990), Mr. Welker was charged with willfully             
          filing false income tax returns for 1984 and 1986 in violation of            
          section 7206(1) (the criminal tax case).  During the criminal tax            
          case, in addition to filing amended tax returns for the years in             
          issue and reporting the cash payments from Brockland Pontiac as              
          income, Mr. Welker filed a document entitled "Defendant's Version            
          of the Offense" with the District Court.  In this document, Mr.              
          Welker admitted that when he prepared his income tax returns for             
          the years in issue he knew that he should have reported the cash             

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