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          well known and respected in the motorcycle parts business, and              
          his ideas, efforts, and management skills contributed                       
          significantly to the growth and success of petitioner.                      
               From 1976 until 1991, Panzica served as petitioner's vice              
          president of operations.  In 1991, Panzica succeeded Cruze as               
          chief executive officer of petitioner.                                      
               From approximately 1975 until the mid-1990's, Mario                    
          Battistella managed warehouse operations for petitioner.                    
               From 1985 until August of 1989, Dennis B. Navarra was vice             
          president of finance for petitioner.  In 1989, Navarra became               
          chief financial officer and assistant secretary for petitioner.             
               During the 1980's, Panzica, Battistella, and Navarra were              
          underpaid by petitioner for their significant services as                   
          employees of petitioner.                                                    
               In 1988, Cruze began considering selling his stock in                  
               In late 1988 or early 1989, the Jordan Company (JC                     
          Investors), a New York City investment firm, approached Cruze               
          regarding the potential purchase of his stock in petitioner.                
          JC Investors was in the business of purchasing private companies            
          and taking the companies public.  In 1989, JC Investors owned               
          substantial interests in over 25 private companies in various               
          industries with aggregate annual sales of $1.5 billion.                     
          Generally, after acquiring controlling interests in companies,              

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