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          donated paralegal services to the Coastline Community College               
          legal clinic, where, for some work he did for them in 1990, they            
          paid him $114.58.”                                                          
               In 1991 and 1992, petitioner suffered additional injuries              
          and accidents.  We will not dwell on the details of these                   
          incidents, except to note that petitioner’s physical and mental             
          conditions were such that he was incapable of working for any               
          extended period of time without incurring substantial physical              
               While petitioner was previously working as an employee for             
          various agencies, he was of the opinion that he could earn income           
          as an independent contractor by working as a paralegal out of his           
          home, thereby creating his own work schedule.  In furtherance of            
          this plan, in 1990, petitioner acquired a legal library at a cost           
          of $2,936.49, and a facsimile machine and supplies costing $650.            
          In 1991, petitioner moved into a larger apartment and acquired              
          office furniture, bookcases, computer software, a printer and               
          copier, legal text updates for his 1990 legal library, and other            
          items for the purpose of completing his home office for his                 
          paralegal activities.                                                       
               During 1991 and 1992, petitioner did not earn any income as            
          a paralegal primarily due to his physical incapacity.  Petitioner           
          had to turn down several opportunities because of his condition.            
          Petitioner was under constant doctors’ care, although his medical           

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