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               Petitioner has a high school diploma and no formal education           
          in finance, accounting, investing, or in business planning.  He             
          has no specialized knowledge of the oil and gas industry.                   
          Petitioner does, however, have a long work history in the                   
          business world.  Petitioner joined the military before graduating           
          from high school and obtained his GED while serving in the Air              
          Force.  After leaving the Air Force petitioner worked as a                  
          salesman for Advanced Tire and Auto.  For about 2� years                    
          petitioner worked for Pilot Life Insurance Co. as a "debit sales            
          person", then in the collection department of Dunn & Bradstreet             
          for 5 years, and for 6 years with the Kay-Lynn Furniture Co.                
               While employed at Kay-Lynn in or around the year 1967,                 
          petitioner met Mr. Irv Corman2 (Corman), an experienced certified           
          public accountant.  Petitioner wanted to start his own furniture            
          manufacturing business and left employment with Kay-Lynn in 1972.           
          Petitioner sought Corman's advice on how to start the business              
          with very limited finances.  Petitioner also sought advice from             
          "Other people in the furniture industry, people who were in the             
          business of retailing furniture, people who were in the                     
          manufacturing end * * * of furniture manufacturing."                        

               2Mr. Corman died on May 5, 1992.                                       

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