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          companies in the passenger and school bus transportation                    
          businesses.  LTI's consolidated group included Transit and Tree.            
               LTI owned 76 to 79 percent of the stock of LII during the              
          years in issue and before December 16, 1987.  The other LII stock           
          was publicly held.  LII bought the publicly held stock on                   
          December 16, 1987.  After that date, LTI was the parent of the              
          U.S. consolidated group that included LII.  LII was a holding               
          company for U.S. companies in the solid and (after October 1986)            
          hazardous waste services business, including LWSI.                          
          B.   LTL                                                                    
               1.   Michael George DeGroote (DeGroote)                                
               DeGroote and his family moved from Belgium to Canada in 1948           
          when he was 14.  In the 1950's, DeGroote started a construction             
          business in Elliot Lake, Canada.  In 1959, he moved his business            
          to Sault Sainte Marie, Canada, and built sewers, roads, and                 
               In 1959, DeGroote bought all of the stock of Laidlaw Motor             
          Sales, Ltd., an Ontario, Canada, trucking corporation; Laidlaw              
          Motors, a retail truck parts business; and Hepburn Transport                
          Ltd., a Canadian trucking company.  In 1966, Hepburn Transport              
          Ltd. merged with Laidlaw Motor Sales, Ltd., which later became              
          LTL.4  DeGroote was president and chairman of LTL from the time             
          it was formed until August 1, 1990.                                         

               4 On Jan. 1, 1990, LTL changed its name to Laidlaw Inc.                

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