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          Vance was the chairman of the Committee and Robertson was its               
               The Committee was organized primarily for the purpose of               
          accepting contributions and making expenditures to effect Vance's           
          election to public office.  Robertson insisted upon the corporate           
          form of the Committee due to the limited liability from creditors           
          that such a structure afforded.  The Committee maintained its own           
          bank account into which contributions were deposited and from               
          which campaign expenditures were paid.  The Committee kept its              
          own accounting and financial records, and filed campaign finance            
          reports with the State of Louisiana.                                        
               Prior to his son's candidacy, Eugene D. Lanier had been                
          actively involved in numerous political campaigns and had made              
          frequent monetary contributions thereto.  The Corporation had               
          also made contributions to numerous political candidates                    
          antedating Vance's campaign. On September 29, 1987, the                     
          Corporation lent funds to the cash-strapped Committee.  A check             
          in the amount of $13,000 was issued to "Vance Lanier, Inc." by              
          Acadian Toyota-Volvo, a division of the Corporation.  The check             
          was endorsed "Vance E. Lanier, Inc., Committee to Elect Vance               
          Lanier" and was designated "for deposit only."  The Committee               
          used the proceeds of the loan to pay for various campaign                   
          advertising expenses.                                                       
               The primary election for District 43 was held on October 24,           
          1987.  Vance was not one of the top two candidates in the primary           

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