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                  Petitioners' Income Tax Returns                                     
                  Mr. Gerald Silverstein, a public accountant, prepared               
             petitioners' joint individual income tax returns for                     
             taxable years 1976 through 1985.  Mr. London annually                    
             provided Mr. Silverstein with the information necessary to               
             prepare petitioners' individual returns.  From time to                   
             time, Mrs. London also delivered to Mr. Silverstein Forms                
             1099 and other information necessary to prepare the                      
             returns.  After Mr. Silverstein prepared each return, he                 
             would give it to Mr. London.  Mr. Silverstein signed                     
             petitioners' signatures on their return for 1984.  He was                
             not present when petitioners' returns for 1983 and 1985                  
             were signed.                                                             
                  Mr. Abraham Trugman, a certified public accountant,                 
             prepared the Schedules C, Profit or (Loss) From Business or              
             Profession, for Mr. London's check-cashing business, M.L.                
             Associates.  Mr. London supplied Mr. Trugman with bank                   
             statements, deposit slips, and machine tapes showing the                 
             weekly check-cashing income of the business.  Mr. London                 
             forwarded the Schedules C to Mr. Silverstein for use in                  
             preparing petitioners' joint individual income tax returns.              
             Mr. Trugman never met Mr. Silverstein.                                   

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