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            the taxable year 1993 in the amount of $4,778, as well as                                   
            additions to tax under sections 6651(a) and 6654(a) in the                                  
            amounts of $1,194.50 and $200.17, respectively.                                             
                  By petition filed February 20, 1997, petitioner commenced                             
            his case in this Court.  Petitioner was not aided by counsel in                             
            preparing or filing his petition.  Pursuant to the Court's order                            
            for amended petition and filing fee, petitioner filed an amended                            
            petition on March 17, 1997, through his attorney, Robert Giffin.                            
            In this regard, attorney Giffin charged petitioner 3.4 hours of                             
            service for "Redrafting and proof of Tax Court Amended petition;                            
            entry of appearance; and Request for Place of Trial" and .5 hours                           
            for meeting with petitioner, at $125 per hour.  Subsequently, by                            
            motion filed May 1, 1997, and granted May 29, 1997, petitioner                              
            withdrew attorney Giffin as counsel.                                                        
                  By letter dated May 1, 1997, respondent's Appeals officer                             
            requested information in support of petitioner's allegations                                
            contained in the amended petition.  On May 13, 1997, respondent                             
            filed an answer to petitioner's amended petition, denying various                           
            allegations made by petitioner for lack of sufficient knowledge.                            
            Petitioner's subsequent counsel, James B. Curtin, provided the                              
            requested information to the Appeals officer by letter dated July                           
            15, 1997.  In this regard, attorney Curtin charged petitioner                               
            $200 for his services.                                                                      
                  On August 14, 1997, respondent conceded the determinations                            
            in the notice of deficiency and sent a proposed settlement                                  

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