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               The Agreement further provided that taxes, utility charges,            
          and other expenses were to be prorated between the parties on a             
          per diem basis as of the close of escrow.                                   

          Escrow Deposits                                                             
               On November 2, 1989, pursuant to the Agreement, petitioners            
          opened escrow No. 607137-JH with Chicago Title Insurance Co. as             
          “Escrow Holder”.  The closing date for escrow was May 1, 1990.              
          Also on November 2, CDC deposited a $75,000 cashier’s check as              
          the Initial Deposit referred to in the Agreement with Escrow                
          Holder.  On that same day, Escrow Holder released the $75,000               
          cashier’s check to petitioners.                                             
               On November 7, 1989, petitioners purchased a certificate of            
          deposit in the amount of $100,000.  The funds used to purchase              
          the certificate of deposit consisted of the $75,000 petitioners             
          received from Escrow Holder and $25,000 from petitioners’                   
          personal checking account.                                                  
               Pursuant to the Agreement, on November 17, 1989, CDC                   
          deposited the $425,000 Additional Deposit with Escrow Holder.  On           
          that same day, the $425,000 was released to petitioners by wire             
          transfer to petitioners’ personal account.  Before the wire                 
          transfer of the Additional Deposit, the balance in the account              
          was $118,420.13.  On November 21, 1989, petitioners disbursed               

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