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               On February 12, 1961, a group of interested persons met at             
          the Emerson Baptist Church for the purpose of forming a                     
          corporation in order to improve the community cemetery.  On March           
          2, 1961, a certificate of incorporation was issued to the Emerson           
          Cemetery Association (the association) pursuant to The General              
          Not For Profit Corporation Act of Missouri, ch. 355 (1991).  The            
          articles of incorporation, also filed March 2, 1961, state that             
          the purpose for which the association is organized is:                      
                    To maintain and beautify a public burying ground;                 
               to buy, lease, hold and sell real or personal property                 
               as may be necessary and convenient for the conduct of                  
               the association; to accept and hold, from any source,                  
               as trustees, any funds, moneys, personal or real                       
               property which may be put in trust for any purpose                     
               consistent with the activities of the association and                  
               to fully administer such trusts; to do each and every                  
               thing necessary, suitable, and proper for the purpose                  
               of this organization.                                                  
          The association priced graves and grave openings, decided the               
          types of stones, erected and painted a caretaker's building, and            
          hired labor for the general maintenance of the cemetery, such as            
               The original bylaws of the association stated that any                 
          person interested in its objectives and aims could become a                 
          member by declaring his or her interest and signing the                     
          membership roll.  After the enrollment of the original members,             
          new members had to be approved at the regular annual members'               
          meeting.  The original bylaws also stated that of the six                   

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