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               Beginning in 1988, Conoco sent Mr. Dykstra's royalty                   
          payments to Lauck in satisfaction of the mechanic's lien.                   
          Despite repeated requests from Mr. Dykstra, Lauck never accounted           
          to Mr. Dykstra for the amounts received from Conoco.                        
          Embezzled Funds                                                             
               Mrs. Dykstra has a high school education.  From March 1,               
          1994, to December 20, 1995, Mrs. Dykstra was employed as a                  
          bookkeeper and office manager by the Robins Group, Inc. (Robins).           
          During 1994 and 1995, Mrs. Dykstra embezzled a total of $24,9072            
          and $53,613, respectively, from Robins.                                     
               Initially, she used the money she took to help pay for trips           
          to visit her gravely ill grandchild who lived out-of-state.                 
          During this time, Mr. Dykstra was unemployed and suffering from             
          alcoholism and a gambling addiction.  Later, she used the money             
          to help her daughter and grandchild with their expenses and to              
          pay her and Mr. Dykstra's living expenses.                                  
               Mrs. Dykstra initially believed that she would pay Robins              
          back.  She anticipated receiving a salary increase when promoted            
          to office manager and a large yearend bonus.  In late December              
          1995, Mrs. Dykstra realized that she would never be able to repay           
          the moneys taken, and she confessed to numerous officers of                 
          Robins.  On June 5, 1996, Mrs. Dykstra pleaded guilty to one                

               2 For convenience, all numbers have been rounded to the                
          nearest dollar.                                                             

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