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          personal check or cash withdrawal from a bank account) used to              
          purchase the cashier’s check.  Petitioner’s April 28, 1997,                 
          response letter stated:  “Richard’s med expenses were paid by               
          cash so I only have the Dr. receipt that I turned in.”                      
               On May 8, 1997, respondent sent a third communication                  
          informing petitioner that “information provided from Trinity                
          Baptist Church indicates that they did not receive any                      
          contributions from you during 1994” and that “the information you           
          provided on the casualty loss is insufficient to verify that a              
          loss was sustained and due to a casualty or theft.  A list of               
          items prepared by you does not, by itself constitute                        
          verification.”  Petitioner once again responded by letter on May            
          17, 1997.  With regard to the contributions, she wrote:  “My                
          charitable contributions to Trinity Baptist Church was anonymous.           
          That was my agreement with the church.”  Concerning the casualty            
          loss, she said:  “Because an earthquake is not a criminal matter            
          I could not file a police report, to verify my losses.  The items           
          I lost were too expensive for me to replace at one time so                  
          therefore I don’t have a cancelled check.”                                  
               When the matter came to trial, petitioner appeared and                 
          stated:  “I don’t want to go any further with this.”  She left              
          the courtroom prior to the presentation of any evidence or                  

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