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                                   FINDINGS OF FACT3                                   
               Petitioner resided in Cleveland, Ohio, at the time that his             
          petition was filed with the Court.                                           
               After graduating from high school, petitioner worked for 2              
          years as a seaman on various oreboats owned and operated by the              
          Great Lakes Fleet of U.S. Steel Corporation.  Petitioner spent               
          the balance of his working life at a factory job for Warner                  
          Swasey Co.  He retired in 1985.                                              
               After retiring, petitioner commenced an activity involving              
          the collection of various rocks and minerals.  In particular,                
          petitioner combed the beaches of Lake Erie searching for what he             
          considered to be meteorites, and in particular Martian                       
          meteorites, which he believed were quite valuable.4  He would                
          then clean what he collected and, on occasion, paint it gold.  He            
          would not offer the specimen for sale, but rather added it to his            

          3  The parties did not enter into a stipulation of facts as                  
          required by the Court's Standing Pre-Trial Order and Rule 91.                
          4  Petitioner explained the presence of Martian meteorites                   
          on the shore of Lake Erie as follows:                                        
                    Now, as the big meteors or comets land on Mars,                    
               they splash this brown and black stuff up in the air,                   
               and with the light gravity on Mars, it takes off into                   
               space.  Now, it floats around in space.  Now, it's                      
               drawn by the gravity of the sun towards our direction.                  

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