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               All facts have been stipulated and are so found.  The                   
          stipulation of facts and exhibits submitted therewith are                    
          incorporated herein by this reference.  Petitioner resided in                
          Columbia, South Carolina, when he petitioned the Court.                      
               Petitioner began working as an agent for Academy Life                   
          Insurance Co. (Academy) in the late 1970's.  He worked for it as             
          an independent contractor under a contract between the two.                  
          Academy fired him in July 1986.  When it did, it was                         
          contractually obligated to pay him renewal commissions on                    
          policies that he or an agent under his supervision had sold.                 
          After his firing, Academy remitted to him reduced monthly                    
          commissions.  It also stopped sending to him the paperwork                   
          documenting his commissions.                                                 
               In September 1987, petitioner sued Academy for breach of                
          contract and conversion, praying in his complaint for an award of            
          actual and punitive damages.  Petitioner alleged that Academy was            
          liable to him for:  (1) An unlawful termination of contracts with            
          resulting failure to pay money due thereunder (breach of contract            
          and conversion), (2) unfair trade practices (also seeking treble             
          damages and attorney's fees), (3) a termination of resident                  
          counselor status, (4) a failure to pay commissions, and (5) the              
          fraudulent filing of Federal tax forms reporting income not paid             
          to him.  Following a jury trial, the U. S. District Court hearing            
          the case directed a verdict against Academy for breach of                    
          contract and sent the issues of conversion and resulting damages             

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