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          to Riverside to advise ACN on its printing process, and he                  
          advised ACN on its magazine's circulation from his home in Orland           
          Park.  Also during that time, petitioner trained an ACN employee            
          in Century City to supervise the printing and circulation of                
          ACN's magazine.  Petitioner worked for ACN in California for                
          approximately 130 days during 1993.                                         
               Petitioner expected his engagement with ACN to stop after he           
          had completed the marketing study, and, when the study was over,            
          he confirmed with Ms. Sweetland that his work for ACN was at or             
          near its end.  A few months later, in early 1994, Ms. Sweetland             
          was diagnosed with breast cancer, and ACN retained petitioner to            
          advise it on its operations on an as needed basis while Ms.                 
          Sweetland was undergoing medical treatment.  During 1994,                   
          petitioner substituted for Ms. Sweetland at meetings in Century             
          City, and he advised ACN on the circulation of ACN's magazine               
          from his home in Orland Park.  He was in California for 155 days            
          during 1994, and he worked for ACN on each of those days; he                
          worked 123 days in Century City and 32 days in Riverside.  He               
          worked for ACN in Orland Park for 70 days in 1994.                          
               At the end of 1994, when it appeared that Ms. Sweetland's              
          medical treatment was completed successfully, ACN and petitioner            
          agreed that petitioner's work for ACN in California was complete            
          and that any more consulting services required by him could be              
          provided by phone from his Orland Park home.  A few months later,           
          Ms. Sweetland’s cancer metastasized, and ACN asked petitioner to            

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