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          however, the RCR #4 bill of sale in evidence listing 1,468 sheep            
          was not a contemporaneous document and was prepared well after              
          its stated date of February 1, 1984.  Yet, Mr. Hoyt claimed that            
          it was the "finalized bill of sale" issued by Barnes Ranches to             
          RCR #4 on February 1, 1984, and that another document listing               
          1,350 sheep that had earlier been provided to respondent as the             
          RCR #4 bill of sale had only been a "draft bill of sale".                   
          Similarly, Mr. Barnes initially testified that the bills of sale            

                    A.  I can't find a face in my memory as to who actually           
               put together that document.                                            
                    Q.  Are you familiar with the attachments?  If I asked            
               you questions about the information contained on the                   
               attachments, which are the list of the animals and                     
               information about the animals, would you be the person to              
               ask, or would one of the Barneses be the better witness?               
                    A.  I am familiar with them.                                      
                    Q.  Would the  * * *  [Barneses] also know?                       
                    A.  Oh, I don't know.  That's a general question how--            
                    Q.  Did you go over the lists with David Barnes or                
               Randy Barnes?                                                          
                    A.  With David Barnes.                                            
                    Q.  Okay.                                                         
                    A.  At the time of the transaction.                               
                    *       *       *      *       *       *       *                  
                    Q.  Mr. Hoyt, the attachments to the bills of sale, to            
               the best of your knowledge are they--do they contain                   
               accurate information?                                                  
                    A.  Yes.                                                          

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