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          ultimately failed.  In a letter dated March 4, 1992, Peacock                
          ended its representation of Great Western, citing among its                 
          reasons the repeated failure of Great Western to provide it with            
          adequate information.                                                       
               Pursuant to the financing agreement covering its purchase of           
          the nonhospital properties, Vista was required to make annual               
          deposits in a sinking fund that would be used to pay principal              
          and interest on the 1991 certificates when they became due.                 
          Vista defaulted on its obligations in 1993 and tendered to Great            
          Western a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.  At that time, Great                 
          Western discovered that Vista had failed to pay real property               
          taxes on the nonhospital property in Corona, California, and had            
          thereby encumbered the property.  Negotiations between Great                
          Western and Vista were commenced in an attempt to force Vista to            
          cure its default.  Those negotiations failed and, during October            
          1995, the trustees of the 1991 certificates foreclosed.                     
               On March 15, 1996, Great Western executed agreements with              
          the trustees and the Cities of Arroyo Grande and Corona                     
          terminating the 1991 certificates.  On June 24, 1996, and on July           
          1, 1996, Great Western received a Trustee's Deed Upon Sale for              
          each of the nonhospital properties.  During 1997, Great Western             
          again sold the nonhospital properties.  Most of the purchase                
          price for the 1997 sale covered back taxes and expenses.  Mr.               

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