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               Fondel, who does not draw a salary, performs all of the job            
          training and job placement activities of petitioner and the LLC.            
          At the time of the filing of the application for tax-exempt                 
          treatment, petitioner had referred about 30 people to temporary             
          personnel agencies where they were able to obtain temporary                 
          employment.  Fondel also uses petitioner and the LLC to market              
          his own services as a temporary service worker.                             
               Petitioner plans to create another limited liability company           
          to publish a newsletter listing temporary employment agencies in            
          the area and their current needs for workers.  The purpose of               
          this activity will be for referring clients when petitioner is              
          unable to find work for them.                                               
               The primary means of support for petitioner will be from               
          payments from clients who become members of the LLC or who create           
          their own limited liability companies.  If there is a net profit            
          after the expenses of petitioner and the LLC are paid, it will be           
          distributed to Fondel.  A payment of 10 percent of a member’s               
          gross income earned from jobs obtained through petitioner is                
          suggested.  Petitioner will also solicit donations from nonprofit           
          or private foundations and local businesses that have benefited             
          from the services of petitioner.  In 1995, petitioner received              
          $1,000 from the Regis Retirement Plan, Inc., a company that                 
          petitioner helped to find a permanent employee.  Petitioner will            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011