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            1963; Albert and Gayle Bies (Gayle) married in 1961; Richard                               
            Bloechl and Barbara married in 1971; and Gregory and Loretta Bies                          
            (Loretta) married in 1973.  At the time of decedent's death, each                          
            Bies child was married.  However, approximately 1 year after                               
            decedent's death, Gregory died unexpectedly.                                               
                  At the time of her death, decedent had nine grandchildren,                           
            including James C. Nielsen, Jr. (James), the son of Joanne and                             
            James Sr.  James and Cheryl L. Nielsen (Cheryl) married in 1990,                           
            and were married at the time of decedent's death.                                          
            The Family Business                                                                        
                  Mueller-Bies Funeral Home was founded in 1906 by decedent's                          
            father, Charles Mueller.  Decedent's father was succeeded in the                           
            business by decedent's husband, Albert Sr.  In 1962, Albert Sr.                            
            incorporated the business as Mueller-Bies Funeral Home, Inc.                               
            (MBI).  Decedent was a member of the MBI board of directors and                            
            treasurer of the corporation from 1985 until the year of her                               
                  At all times since its incorporation, MBI has had a single                           
            class of stock and 150 shares issued and outstanding.  Albert Sr.                          
            owned 100 shares and decedent owned 50 shares until December 26,                           
            1985; on that date, Albert Sr. transferred 25 shares to decedent.                          
                  Throughout the period from December 1, 1985, until the date                          
            of decedent's death, MBI operated funeral homes in St. Paul and                            
            Roseville.  During this time, Albert, Gregory, and James were                              

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